I'am not new in iptables and Linux but I prefer your support before take a decision. I have a quite hard scenario in which the Linux "router" got many interfaces, routes, a VPN.

GOAL: Allow a single source IP in the same Linux "router" VLAN and subnet to access to any networks the Linux Router know and in MASQUERADE mode.

MUST NOT: alternate any connection, packet or port that doesn't match the specific source IP to avoid problems to other user/app (about the local Linux "router" because it is a jump server and web server too {the hell}.

MUST NOT allow connection from anyone except the specific source IP.

IMPORTANT this Linux "router" actually doesn't work as a router. I want to enable that function only for the specific source IP and no more.

Active interfaces:

lo (loopback with no special roles in this case)
eth0 (interface in the same lan as the allowed client.)(eth0 is the "in" interface and "out" too because many networks are liked here too.)
eth1 (another interface for some specific networks)
tun0 (same as eth1)

Simple scenario

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