I tried:

grep "$1-2400000" /media/linux/DATADISK/flashka/

It is running and doing nothing for a long time. Is there another way? It is not necessary to do that with the terminal.

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    Do you want to grep a literal $1 or is this supposed to be a variable to be expanded? – markgraf Mar 12 '20 at 10:59

You're missing a -r to match "all files" and should probably use single-quotes:

grep -r -l -F '$1-2400000' /media/linux/DATADISK/flashka/

With -l, grep will only show you filenames, not the match in the file. -F greps for a fixed string, instead of a regex.

If your filenames contain spaces or other special characters, you may want to make use of find instead:

find /media/linux/DATADISK/flashka/ -type f -exec grep -l -F '$1-2400000' {} \;

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