On my Kubuntu 18.04 LTS computer, WINE's inbuilt browser "winebrowser" appears bugged. When launched, it gets stuck in an infinite launch loop, spawning winebrowser after winebrowser after winebrowser. The only way to fix is to get into (h)top and kill the parent process.

I need WINE for very few things, but I have absolutely ZERO need for winebrowser to ever launch. How do I remove or disable it completely?

I've used WINE's regedit to remove any keys that reference the application. Now I just need to get KDE to forget about it too.

  • May this helps (sometimes me): Check: Wintrick > wineprefix > Change settings > Prevent windbg from launching when an unhandled exception occurs – SL5net Nov 9 '20 at 16:43

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