A linux client mounts a Windows share resolved by FQDN configured in /etc/fstab like this:

//fqdn.windows.share/theShare /local/mount/point cifs [...]

Due to infrastructure changes the IP address of the share has changed.

I expected the locally mounted share to resolve the IP address at access time, but it doesn't. The attempt to list the contents of the local resource like

ls -lah /local/mount/point

fails due to connection problems (sorry, can't reproduce the error message).

Now I wanted to list the currently used ip address of the mounted share, but I couldn't figure out how to do. So the question is

How do I list the currently used IP address of an already mounted CIFS share (... or details of active mount point containing the IP address)?

Commands like mount, findmnt or inspecting /proc/mounts didn't help (did I miss an option?).

To be clear: I don't want to query the currently active IP address of the share, which I can query from DNS at any time. Even there is no problem while remounting the share using the new IP address.



netstat -an --inet | grep "445 "

you will get someting like

tcp        0      0          ESTABLISHED


  • 445 is port number for cifs (you need to quote to include a space)
  • netstat --inet -an will display tcp connection (-n is for numeric)

Edit : you may need to use df or mount before.

Edit2 :

to get IPs

netstat -an --inet | awk '$5 ~ /:445$/ { split($5,A,":") ; print A[1] ; }'
  • Great answer, completely missed to inspect open sockets. Based on your answer: I use lsof instead of netstat, because it's missing on some systems. While I couldn't get lsof get to display the connected IP address (maybe you do and add it to your answer?), the command ss -at '( dport = :445 )' (whitespaces inside brackets are important!) does. – ChristophS Mar 10 '20 at 12:23

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