I am on Arch Linux install with i3-gaps. I have tried speaker-test -t wav -c 2, and both headphones and speakers work. Sound occasionally starts working when I play around with sudo -u user pulseaudio -D --start and start-pulseaudio-x11. The pulseaudio command only works with sudo -u user but fails if I su user and run the same command. The latter (sometimes) fails to connect when ran with root or sudo -u user, resulting inpa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused. Switching into user withsu and results in

E: [autospawn] core-util.c: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (/run/user/0) is not owned by us (uid 1000), but by uid 0! (This could e.g. happen if you try to connect to a non-root PulseAudio as a root user, over the native protocol. Don't do that.)
W: [autospawn] lock-autospawn.c: Cannot access autospawn lock.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Failed to acquire autospawn lock


Alsa packages:
  ~ alsa-lib 1.2.2-1
  ~ alsa-plugins 1.2.2-1
  ~ alsa-topology-conf 1.2.2-2
  ~ alsa-ucm-conf 1.2.2-1
  - alsa-utils 1.2.2-1
Pulseaudio packages
  ~ libpulse 13.0-3
  ~ pulseaudio 13.0-3
  ~ pulseaudio-alsa 2-5

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I have found the answer to my own question. If I am to run pulseaudio -D --start it results in an error, but pulseaudio -D only in a warning, and becomes functional

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