I have a pinephone and I want to upgrade my packages, but every time I do, my phone ends up unbootable. I am running postmarket OS; the package manager is apk. I just want to list the available upgrades, but not install them. I will select upgrades manually.

I read the apk Alpine Linux wiki, but I didn't see what I'm looking for there.

For some reason, postmarket OS felt the inclusion of manpages was entirely unnecessary.

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First, update the repositories to fetch the latest updates with:

apk update

Then, try to simulate the upgrade with:

apk upgrade --simulate

You can do it in one shot: apk update && apk upgrade --simulate

If you want to simulate the upgrade of one specific package:

apk add -u $package --simulate

where of course $package is the package you want to upgrade.

Hope this helps.

.: Francesco


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