I want to assign two keyboard shortcuts to "media next".
An interesting idea I found was to create a custom shortcut that executes xdotool key XF86AudioNext, but that does absolutely nothing.
I changed it to xdotool sleep 1 key a to test whether there's an issue with holding other keys while xdotool presses the media next key. But that also did nothing.
Then I wanted to redirect the output, but both xdotool key lalala &> /path/to/file.txt and xdotool key lalala > /path/to/file.txt 2> /path/to/file.txt do not write into the file at all.
Something like thisisnotacommand &> /path/to/file.txt at least shows an error popup, but it does not write into the file either.

I was also not able to find any information online about where Mate stores its log files, which is really strange. Not even https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MATE#Troubleshooting includes that path.

What can I do to get any information about what went wrong when using a keyboard shortcut in Mate?

  • Workaround for almost all cases where this is needed: Open a tiny minimised console, execute the command in there and close it again: uxterm -iconic -geometry 0x0+0+0 -e 'xdotool sleep 1 key a' Apparently these shortcuts operate in a very different environment. One thing that I already figured out is that they don't have my aliases, which is somewhat understandable, I guess. But there must be more, because for example it doesn't work with if at all. Mar 22, 2020 at 19:21


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