Is there any command I can use to understand which is the file manager installed in a machine?

For instance, I'm using Linux Mint and I can use the command nemo. Now I'm connected to another machine and I don't know the file manager that is used on it.

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    need much more information. Mar 4, 2020 at 12:43

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About the default file manager, like the one that opens when you click on a desktop folder: when the file manager opens, go to Help->About, that should have the information (if it's not already in the window's title).

Alternatively, if you are using a shortcut, inspect it (right-click, ...) to see the actual command invoked.

If you want to know the available file managers, that's another thing. One way to find out is to see what distribution you are running cat /etc/issue and then try find out what the default file manager is. It might also on the graphic environment.

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