I have a directory structure which contains many files. I want to find similar files recursively and sort them based on their names.

The easy part: find all files named f*.ext and move them to a certain directory, let's say dir1.

But now I want to go through the tree again and find all t*.ext which have a match in dir1. For example, for dir1/f12345.jpg find the corresponding source-tree/t12345.jpg (if it exists) and move it to dir2.

In the end, every for every dir2/t*.ext there should be a dir1/f*.ext. All source-tree/t*.ext who don't have a dir1/f*.ext should remain where they are.

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    What is the criteria for a "similar" match? Is it always that only the first character of the filename and the filename suffix after the dot is different? You also mention t*.ext in dir2, but as far as I can see, dir2 contains t*.ext files at that point, not t*.jpg files. – Kusalananda Mar 4 at 9:46
  • in my case the basename from the second character on and the extension have to be the same. t12345.jpg and f12345.jpg or t23456.bmp and f23456.bmp or t34567.txt and f34567.txt. – richard Mar 4 at 10:43
  • You can combine files – Daniel Mar 6 at 12:23

Try this:

# Create dir2:
mkdir dir2
# After moving f* to dir1, loop through these files (dir1/f*):
for f in dir1/f*; do
    # get the basename, cut off the "f" and put a "t" instead:
    t=source-tree/t$(basename "$f" | cut -c 2-)
    # If that file exists, move it to dir2
    [ -f "$t" ] && mv "$t" dir2
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  • thanks for the answer. I'll try that and report back. – richard Mar 4 at 10:43
  • [ -f filename ] checks if a file with that filename exists, returning true or false, only if true, the part after && is executed. So, I assume you're inside the source-tree folder. I changed the script a bit ... – pLumo Mar 5 at 15:08
  • Found my typo before I saw your edit. :-) It works fine, thanks! And with your current edits you already helped me with my next question, getting deeper in the directory tree. – richard Mar 5 at 15:17
  • Ok, it works fine. My problem is, that the t*.ext are in multiple sudirectories like source-tree/here/t12345.jpg or source-tree/there/23456.jpg. I'm trying to figure out how use the full path of the file in the second part of the second line. – richard Mar 5 at 19:46
  • got it: [ -f ./*/"$t" ] && t=find ./*/ -name $t && mv "$t" dir2 – richard Mar 5 at 21:28

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