I am looking for a stackable file system (Like UnionFS, aufs, and OverlayFS) that works similar to bcache or lvmcache but on file level - not on block level:

  • Reads will be done from top-layer. If the file is not there, read the file from bottom-layer and store it in top-layer.
  • Writes will be done to top-layer. After write is done, it will also be written to bottom-layer (like write-back/write-behind caching)
  • When the top-layer reaches a certain size, files will be erased from the top-layer (like an LRU cache). Files will only be removed if they have been written to bottom-layer.

For my use bottom-layer will be 10-1000 times bigger than top-layer - in other words: bottom-layer will not fit in top-layer (again similar to bcache).

Does such stackable file system exist? Can it be done with aufs or similar?


I love file systems, and use all sorts of Fuse-based file systems. But file systems like sshfs can be rather slow, and it would be really handy to have a way of speeding that up if you know that the bottom-layer will only be changed through this system.

Using an sshfs mounted dir as the bottom-layer is just one example, so I am not looking for a specialized approach, that deals with sshfs. I am looking for a general approach where the top-layer and the bottom-layer are just treated as dirs.

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What you describe can be handled by the use of standard LVM cache volumes. Typically the top layer is handled by a faster device (eg. SSD). LVM cache volumes are highly configurable, for example you can specify writethrough caching (writes to the lower layer happen at the same time = no data loss) or writecache (writes to the lower layer are delayed = better performance).

lvmcache(7) describes how to convert a standard logical volume (LV) into a volume which makes use of a fast device as a caching top-layer.

  • It's not stackable though, is it...?
    – roaima
    Mar 4, 2020 at 10:14
  • It's stackable in the sense that reads and writes go through the top layer of cache. Admittedly it's not a file-system as the caching is done on the block level but it allows a file-system to make use of caching. Mar 4, 2020 at 10:49
  • 1
    I still don't think I can stack it on top of, say, S3QL or even CIFS, though.
    – roaima
    Mar 4, 2020 at 10:53
  • lvmcache and bcache are pretty much the same thing and not what I am looking for. I have elaborated the question why a block based approach will not solve my issue.
    – Ole Tange
    Mar 4, 2020 at 14:06

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