I'd like to have some more space on my Linux partition. My laptop is a Windows/Fedora dual boot. I have made a partition that I want to add to my Fedora partition. I can't figure out how to merge (or add, whatever the correct terminology is). You can see the situation below

current file system status

I have read that I have to delete the dev/sda5 part so that I can then merge the two others, but I can't delete that without also deleting dev/sda6, which would wipe everything and that is something I'd like to avoid.

I have little knowledge about this, so please make a clear answer without too much technical details. If you need more info, please ask and I will try to give it asap.

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    can you edit your post with result from both pvs and vgdisplay -v ? (it is likely you just have to create a new partition, then a new PV and add it to existing VG)
    – Archemar
    Mar 2, 2020 at 12:51

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As stated by Archemar, you need to:

  1. Create the partition. You can use the unallocated shown in your screenshot.
  2. Create an LVM physical volume using the partition. Assuming the device is sda7: pvcreate /dev/sda7
  3. Add the physical volume to your LVM volume group. We can't see the name of the volume group in your screenshot, but you can get it using vgs. Assuming it's called fedora: vgextend fedora /dev/sda7

The above steps will make the space provided by the new partition, available for use by any of your LVM logical volumes. You can list your logical volumes with lvs and resize them using lvextend. When using lvextend I recommend using the -r option so that the underlying filesystem is resized as well. Take a look at man lvextend for examples.

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