Occasionally, NixOS changes config options in a way that is not entirely backwards compatible. For example, nixos 19.09 did not have a programs.gnupg.agent.pinentryFlavor option, but in nixos unstable (soon 20.03) I need to set it to a non-default value in order to get the right pinentry variant.

I share my configuration across machines, some of which run nixos-19.09 and some nixos-unstable, so I want my configuration to be compatible with both. (even without multiple machines, it would be nice to be able to switch nixos channels without breakage)

Setting programs.gnupg.agent.pinentryFlavor = "gtk2"; as needed for nixos-unstable causes nixos-rebuild to fail on nixos-19.09:

error: The option `programs.gnupg.agent.pinentryFlavor' defined in `[...]/desktop.nix' does not exist.
(use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information)

Is there a way to check if an option is valid?

Essentially, I'm looking for what to write in place of ???(pinentryFlavor)) here, so as to not set a nonexistent option:

programs.gnupg.agent = { enable = true;} // (
  if ???(pinentryFlavor)
  then { pinentryFlavor = "gtk2"; }
  else {});

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The configuration function does receive an options attr, so it is possible to check if a given option is defined using builtins.hasAttr before setting it in the configuration.

Most NixOS configurations don't extract options, so you may need to add it first. For example:

{ config, pkgs, options, ... }:
  programs.gnupg.agent =
    { enable = true;  } //
    # False on NixOS 19.09
    (if builtins.hasAttr "pinentryFlavor" options.programs.gnupg.agent
     then { pinentryFlavor = "gtk2"; }
     else {});

Similarly, the same approach can be used to set options used by nixos-rebuild build-vm, which would normally not be available.

Instead of needing to set options via environment variables when running the VM like

QEMU_OPTS='-m 4096 -smp 4 -soundhw ac97' ./result/bin/run-*-vm

the equivalent options can be set in configuration.nix:

  # The default 384MB RAM is not enough to run Firefox in a VM
  virtualisation =
    lib.optionalAttrs (builtins.hasAttr "qemu" options.virtualisation) {
      memorySize = 4096;
      cores = 4;
      qemu.options = [ "-soundhw ac97" ];

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