I just installed ZSH on a remote server where we are 2 "admins". I switched my default shell to ZSH with chsh -s $(which zsh). echo $SHELL gives the output /usr/bin/zsh which proves it. But, when I open my ssh session I receive an error like:

/etc/profile.d/vk.sh:30: command not found: shopt

This error appears only at startup and I see it only once when opening an ssh session.

In my understanding, the other admin placed some custom script with his own aliases and using shopt -s histappend command there as well.

My question is, why my SSH ZSH session invoking that script at startup? Shouldn't it be scoped just to my profile?

What would be a graceful solution for me to run ZSH without affecting/touching his stuff? Should I ask him to move that thing somewhere else in his home dir?

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    Hmm... AFAIK /etc/profile (and scripts it sources in /etc/profile.d) really ought to be POSIX/Bourne compatible, for exactly this reason. OTOH I thought zsh should use its own /etc/zsh/zprofile over /etc/profile anyhow? One old-school workaround you could consider is changing your actual login shell to bash and then exec /usr/bin/zsh at the end of your own ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile, if you have one). Feb 29 '20 at 19:01

The /etc/profile file contains system wide profile settings. Within that file, many distributions are sourcing scripts within /etc/profile.d. Hence, all interactive logins will invoke what is in that folder. If you want a profile script to be scoped to one account, you have to either

  1. move that script into ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile (for bash users), or

  2. add login in the vk.sh to skip execution based on the logged in user.

  • Yes, i think the correct way is to ask him to move his scripts somewhere upstream. ~/.profile IMHO is a good place to put that.
    – Dzintars
    Feb 29 '20 at 19:32
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    Just remember that ~/.profile is not sourced by bash if ~/.bash_profile exists. It's a peculiarity of bash where it has a built-in preference for its own (i.e. .bash_profile) over posix (.profile) for its environment setup files.
    – Iyad K
    Feb 29 '20 at 19:40

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