I'm using an old PC (Celeron, 1GB RAM) with Debian atm.

I am already using dwm instead of a GUI but it still takes a lot of time to boot (I think it's because the whole Debian system is still running in the background).

Which small distros work "out of the box" (f.e. wireless drivers etc..)?

What other possibilities do I have?

I was recommended Arch Linux and unix, but the isos for them are still quite big.

I want to operate it command line only and only need a few programs like office and Firefox.

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    How would you envision using an Office suite or Firefox if it's command line only? – roaima Feb 28 at 22:49
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    Welcome! For office and firefox you need a desktop. You have options like Xubuntu, minimun requirements is 512MB ram, Ubuntu mate, Mint xfce... those are some of the distros that work "out of the box" with minimum requirements (1GB or less) – schrodigerscatcuriosity Feb 28 at 22:52
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    Arch linux is not "easy" to install, and you have to install a desktop (gnome, xfce, etc) on top of it. – schrodigerscatcuriosity Feb 28 at 22:56
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    Take this Celeron to an electronic waste collection point. Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 B (mini PC with 4GB RAM) instead. It is not expensive at all and has a much more powerful CPU Cortex-A72, with lower power consumption than the old Celeron. It is based on the ARM chipset. Download Linux ready for Raspberry Pi of your choice. It is very small and very versatile (you can buy various modules for these Raspberry). Anduino is also very popular, but it is designed especially for micro-electricians. – s3n0 Feb 28 at 22:58
  • I would favor MX-Linux 19.1 which avoids systemd. Its ISO is 1.5GB and it runs reasonably well on antiquated hardware. mxlinux.org/current-release-features Also see Linux Lite osdn.net/projects/linuxlite/storage/3.8 – K7AAY Feb 29 at 0:56

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