Can someone please explain to me what htop mean? or refer me to a resource that explains it NOT tell me how to use it?


htop means “Hisham’s top”, and Hisham is Hisham H. Muhammad, htop’s author. See the FAQ:

What does the 'h' in 'htop' stand for?

Well, the short explanation is a little obvious: the "h" stands for "Hisham", my name. :)

The long explanation is that what inspired me to write htop was pinfo, an improved man and info reader that adds lots of features (in my machines 'man' is an alias to 'pinfo -m'). It was written by a guy called Przemek Borys. Since 'pinfo' was "a better info" and he named it "pinfo" ("Przemek's Info"), I decided to try to make "a better top" so I called it "htop" ("Hisham's top"). So yes, it is after my own name, but it's also a homage to another nice piece of software!

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