I am looking to know about a package and what version is it across various distributions. I thought distrowatch might be the answer, but I found it tracks only 224 packages at the most. See https://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=compare-packages. Does anybody know of any site/service which I could use for the same? It would be nice if the site has curl support on the lines of curl wttr.in/pune, not really a deal-breaker but would be nice if there is.


Only looking at current package list of the interesing distributions can answer that correctly, and up to date.

But note that if the distribution ships package version 5.5, it doesn't mean it doesn't contain lots of backported (or specifically developed) fixes, and is in some aspects near 5.8 (and others bog 5.5). "Enterprise" distributions are notorious for keeping a base version with many patches, for ultimate stability. Thus the versions you get can be right on to quite misleading. Specially in the "security vulnerabilities" department the base version is probably way off.

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