Which distros support RPMs? Which distros support DEB packages? What other distros and package formats exists? Here is what I think I know, but am interested in getting a more precise answer:

  • RPM - Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE
  • DEB - Debian, Ubuntu,
  • Pacman - Arch
  • tar.gz - all, depends on what is in the compressed file though

Lots of others probably in the long tail. I know you can use 'alien' to convert RPM to DEB, but it isn't installed by default in new Ubuntu setup so not counting that.

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    PKGBUILD is and tar.xz are the pkg formats for arch... off the top of my head you're also missing ebuild. – xenoterracide Aug 17 '10 at 14:07

There's a list of Linux Package Formats on wikipedia here and a list of common package management systems here.

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