I have a PDF of the size w=105mm and h=297mm (ie A4 split vertically) Now I wanted to print this PDF to generate another PDF which will have two pages from original PDF placed vertically side-by-side in an A4 sheet which also should be in portrait mode.

I have tried various settings via the Linux Mint system printer but it always either rotates the pages of input file or rotates the page to landscape mode in the output file. I've also tried Google Chrome's print PDF feature but that too doesn't support multiple portrait pages in a portrait output page.

Is there any command-line tool in Linux/Ubuntu that can achieve what I'm trying?

Here is a sample file for trail (Just in case): PDF File



The pdfjam utility is the de facto standard for this kind of manipulation. A pdfnup wrapper may be available but it was recently removed from pdfjam. It is available in Ubuntu in the package texlive-extra-utils.

If I understand your requirements correctly, it's very simple:

pdfjam --nup 2x1 HalfA4V.pdf -o a4.pdf
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