I've been a Mint 19 user for some months. Beginning a couple of months ago or so my screen started getting split occasionally when I turned my computer on (see pictures). This issue was solved simply restarting my 10-year-old up-to-now-problem-free laptop. However, since yesterday the issue has been almost persistent, so even after restarting my computer several times I still get a split screen (earlier today I had to restart the machine ten times until the screen got right, and as I write this I still have a split screen). So my question is: could this be a software issue having any relation to Mint? or, is this a hardware problem?

The reason why I suspect Mint is that this issue started after I installed Mint 19 and since the beginning I've had random issues with this distro. On the other hand, the reason I suspect the laptop is its age and those nasty lines dividing the screen.

Any help would be much appreciated.My Screen


One way to check if the problem is hardware or software related is to insert a live USB stick of any other distribution in the laptop and boot in that OS, if the lines are still there then it is a hardware issue and vice versa.

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