Hello I want to disable my GUI and enable it again (debian 10 buster) for testing purposes is it possible?

  • what GUI are you talking about? – jsotola Feb 25 at 2:20
  • the graphical desktop interface on my debian 10 operation system – John Lloyd Gementiza Feb 25 at 2:26
  • you are talking about the desktop manager then .... which one are you using? .... also, be aware that you asked a simple yes/no question that has a yes answer .... is that really all you want to know? – jsotola Feb 25 at 4:00
  • @JohnLloydGementiza , In UNIX(contains GNU\linux OS), you have more than 10 GUI, So you need to tell your desktop manager. If you have GDM, you can use systemctl disable gdm3, for sddm, use systemctl disable sddm. – PersianGulf Feb 25 at 4:45

You have 3 layers for each GUI in UNIX:

  1. X :
    It's low level application for using GUI, it supports keyboard, video card and so on. many years ago, XFree86 was used in linux, Then replaced with X.org application, now you have wayland.
  2. Window Manager :
    each "Desktop Environment" uses itself Window Manager. Window Manager allow you to switch between windows, create title, close, minimize and some possibilities for your Desktop Environnment, Gnome Desktop Environment uses metacity Window Manager, for list of Window Managers, you can visit Window Managers.
  3. Desktop Manager :
    Desktop Manager is login manager such as GDM, KDM, SDDM, CDM and so on.

Abobe 3 layers are your Desktop Environment, Desktop Environment such as GNOME, KDE Plasma, awesome,LXDE and so on.

When your Desktop Manager is started, above application will be started.

But your question:

for disable or enable as permanent your Desktop Manager :

systemctl enable,disable YOUR_DESKTOP_MANAGER
such as : systemctl disable gdm3

for stopping them:

service YOUR_DESKTOP_MANAGER start,stop
such as : service gdm3 stop

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To disable the GUI:

sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target
sudo reboot

To re-enable the GUI:

sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target
sudo reboot
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