If I create a test pdf file in a directory, by using something like

ls -al > testpdf.pdf

the file is shown in Caja 1.4.0 with an understandable emblem that is 'acrobat-like'.

If I create a LibreOffice document in Writer and export it to PDF in the same directory, its emblem is a grey 'sheet of text' which makes it very hard to spot.

How can I change the icon/emblem used by PDFs created by LibreOffice?

Can I just overwrite the file used somewhere in /usr/shr/icons? If so, will it be overwritten by the next LibreOffice update?

  • On Linux, a lot of file manager detect the file type not by extension but by looking at the content of the file. So if you create .pdf files with non-pdf content, you get usually other icons than for real pdf files. Usually, you can select in the options of a file which icon should be used for the corresponding file type.
    – jofel
    Aug 1, 2013 at 15:26
  • Is that icon trademarked perhaps?
    – Rob
    Sep 6, 2013 at 11:43

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This sounds more like an issue of the file manager not properly recognising the file type - almost as if it used the extension to infer it (which is rather obsolete imho). Does your pdf's name (the one exported from libreoffice) end with .pdf?

/usr/share/icons (basically everything under /usr, /lib*, /etc) is "system" owned and may be overwritten on package updates (with the exception of configuration files which are treated slightly differently).

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