Say that I have the following files in the current directory :


Is there a way I can search for a given pattern and select ALL the matching files at once (not just selecting the first matching file and then selecting the next one, then the next one...), so that I can process them further (e.g. delete, move, copy... them as a group)?

For example, say I'd like to select all the files above containing the string "aa" (maybe to delete them), or maybe all the file containing "02" (maybe to copy them)...

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I usually do this by

  • setting a filter first (with zf + expression),
  • then selecting everything in the result (v) and
  • turning the filter off again (zf + Enter).

If you want to use a regular expression, the quickest is the mark command, e.g.

:mark ^aa

The scout command with the -m flag will also achieve the same result, and also allows for glob patterns for instance. See the man page for more details.


If it is Ubuntu/centos machine,you can use below command in terminal to search the files

sudo find / -type f -name "*.txt"

find command

where the " * " denotes all the .txt files, you can replace with the particular file name like "xyz.txt".

to search and delete the particular file series,use the below command

sudo find / -type f -name "aa01.txt" || rm -f aa01.txt

This will works for sure!!


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