I'm using pidgin Jabber client (pidgin-2.13.0-alt6 on ALT Sisyphus), and I'd like to set XMPP priority in pidgin.

The reason:

I'm also connecting to my Jabber account with another client from mobile smartphone (aTalk), and I'd like to set XMPP priority in pidgin, so that whenever I'm at my computer (where pidgin is running), it is selected as the one which receives the messages people send to me, and whenever I'm away, the mobile client receives them (because there is more chance I'll see them on the mobile when I'm away).

Where do I set XMPP priority in pidgin?

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Setting XMPP priority of your jabber client in pidgin is not going to be implemented in the main pidgin program/purple library, but this feature is added by a plugin in "Purple Plugin Pack". (https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/1345, https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/15460)

To use the mentioned plugin from "Purple Plugin Pack" on ALT Sisyphus and the priority for your jabber client,

  • install purple-plugin_pack package (apt-get install purple-plugin_pack);
  • enable it in "Tools > Plugins" menu in pidgin;
  • set the values in the range (-128..127) in "Accounts > your accont > Edit Account > Advanced > Available/Away Priority"; negative values mean that this client won't receive a message unless the message is explicitly sent to this resource.

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