I have a Lxc container inside a Proxmox host. I need to prevent that the Proxmox admin can login inside my container. To do so I disabled root login in /etc/passwd. When the Proxmox admin uses pct enter to login as root, the message "This account is currently not available" is correctly displayed.

I wish to add my custom message. There is any way to customize this message?

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    If the proxmox admin is root on the proxmox host, you probably can't prevent access to your container (example: using nsenter). But ok any layer of security is still something good to add.
    – A.B
    Feb 20, 2020 at 15:18

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If the root login has its shell set to nologin, instead of logging in it runs the nologin command.

Check out the manpage of nologin for more information.

As pointed out in the manpage, you can create a text file at /etc/nologin.txt to display a custom message. Otherwise it will use the default message.

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