I am using vagrant boxes for several tests and in this particular case it is the Fedora 31 box from Bento with VirtualBox. When trying to use the crontab command, I get an error that it is not found. A quick search with locate tells me that there is no cron system installed at all.

Is it a new default in Fedora 31 to not install cron at all by default, or is it the Bento project that might think this is a good idea?

On my Fedora Workstation the command is there, but it was there before as I upgraded from 28 I think to 31 over the years.

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Per the Fedora Documentation,

Fedora comes with the following automated task utilities: cron, anacron, at, and batch.

However, it appears that these need to be installed as they do not come included:

Installing Cron and Anacron

To install Cron and Anacron, you need to install the cronie package with Cron and the cronie-anacron package with Anacron (cronie-anacron is a sub-package of cronie).

dnf install cronie cronie-anacron

See also: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Administration_Guide_Draft/Cron

If you look at the setup scripts for those Vagrant boxes, you will see very little deviation from the base image.


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