Probably, this is a general unix question and therefore not restricted to macOS. I would like to output the output of my rsync command as a notification message. But I don't succeed in placing the variable correctly. If my code is like this:

RSYNC1="$(rsync --itemize-changes -avz -e ssh \
/Users/user/ server:/home/backup/ --delete)" && \
osascript -e 'display notification "${RSYNC1}" with title "Backup"'

then ${RSYNC1} is just printed literlly, and if I escape the quotes like this

osascript -e 'display notification \"${RSYNC1}\" with title "Backup"'

then this error is given:

> 21:22: syntax error: „given“, „in“, „of“, experssion, „with“,
> „without“, other parameter name, etc. expected, but unknown token
> found. (-2741)

What do I have to change?


You have to use double quotes to get variable expansion. To print literal double quotes inside double quotes you have to escape them:

osascript -e "display notification \"${RSYNC1}\" with title \"Backup\""

Alternatively, use single quotes when inside the double quotes:

osascript -e "display notification '${RSYNC1}' with title 'Backup'"

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