I just updated debian (testing). I use kde and after updating, kdm does not start.... I end up on the CLI. If I check the status of kdm with systemctl, it says it's started (existed) but it didn't even blink.

Starting LSB: X Display manager for KDE...
Started LSB: X Display manager for KDE.

I see nothing funny on journalctl -f when I try to run systenctl start kdm or systemctl restart kdm... all in all, I don't know what to check to get logs off it. Other than that, I am able to go into xfce by running startx so at least I know that X is working properly.

Question: what can I do to find out what's going on with kdm?

I think I have the first clue. kdm package is gone from debian testing? What is being used for it instead?

  • Use sddm instead. It's the official display manager for plasma – Munzir Taha Feb 14 '20 at 4:37

Yes, kdm is gone. It was a part of KDE4 and previous versions. You may already have sddm on your system, which is the most common replacement, and is recommended by kde-plasma-desktop; if not, you can install it or another package providing x-display-manager, e.g. lightdm or lxdm.


The list of available X display managers.

For kde the default display manager is sddm but you can use the others too.

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