I have set up a Debian 10 mail server with sendmail and dovecot+virtual users in preparation of a migration (the old server is also running sendmail + dovecot, but older versions and with "real" users).

On the dovecot side, everything is peachy. I set up a passwd-file auth for testing, and I can log in, save drafts, and see locally delivered mail in my IMAP client.

However, when sending, sendmail is set up to require authentication, and I am looking for a way to let sendmail use the same auth database as dovecot, ideally even authenticate against dovecot (via SASL?).

Searching the web has not yielded any useful results, apparently the sendmail + dovecot combination is relatively rare. While I don't intend to stay on this forever, I am looking for a quick solution now to buy me time for migrating to a new stack.

  • I’m guessing this might be better at Superuser, so I’ve posted there. Mods - lmk if I should delete this – moeffju Feb 13 at 20:36

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