I have a directory structure as follows:


Each sub_directory may or may not have a file called xyz.json. I want to find the total count of xyz.json files in the directory dir.

How can I do this?


You can use :

find path_to_dir -name xyz.json | wc -l
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  • This works great for the example. Here is a modified version of the same solution that you'll find performs better when searching many directories with many files. I further restrict find to only files, make it print a '.' for each one, then have wc count the dots, rather than lines. It's a weird trick but it performs slightly better: find path_to_dir -type f -name xyz.json -printf '.' | wc -c – Jon Red Feb 12 at 19:27

An alternative using shell globing

## Make ** match all files and 0 or more dirs and subdirs
$ shopt -s globstar

$ ls -dq **/xyz.json | wc -l
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