I want to loop through all files matching a pattern of the form

for file in {prefix1, prefix2, ...}*{postfix1, postfix2, ...}; do

How can I programmatically replace {prefix1, prefix2, ...} with a list containing these names? I tried $prefix*$postfix with prefix={prefix1,prefix2,...} but it doesn't work because the brace expansion is done before the variable expansion.

  • Can you provide an example of the input files and the expected output? – Paulo Tomé Feb 12 at 11:16

If the prefix/suffix patterns don't contain spaces, it's possible to use extended globbing:

shopt -s extglob

echo $prefix*$suffix

for file in $prefix*$suffix; do
  • Can handle spaces if the variable IFS is set appropriately
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One way to do it is to use two loops combined with bash arrays, something like this:

foo=(one two three)
bar=(four five six)
for f in ${foo[@]}; do 
  for g in ${bar[@]}; do
    echo $f$g
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