Having an example using xrandr --listmonitors shows the outputs below.

How do to know if the monitor labeled 1 DisplayPort-3 is in secondary or third? Likewise for the monitor labeled 2 HDMI-A-0. We know that DisplayPort-4 is primary because of the * mark and also by using --query will show keyword "connected primary".

0: +*DisplayPort-4 1920/518x1200/324+1920+0  DisplayPort-4
1: +DisplayPort-3 1920/518x1200/324+0+0  DisplayPort-3
2: +HDMI-A-0 1920/518x1200/324+3840+0  HDMI-A-0

I'm new to linux and I wanted to know how to query the monitors in secondary and third display. I don't know how. If there's a utility or simple file locations or system commands to query it that would be great. I only find the xrandr tool but not sure if it can get secondary and third display.

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