I want to add static Ip to ubunto server , but I can not . when I use " ip addr" : enter image description here

and there is no "network" service . how can I setup static IP ? I am beginner at linux, please guide me A-Z thanks in advance

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You're probably trying to follow obsolete instructions.

ens160 is a new-style network device name, while eth0is old-style.

Also, modern Ubuntu uses netplan to configure network settings: you should create (or edit, if one already exists) a simple *.yaml file describing your desired network configuration in /etc/netplan/ directory, and then run sudo netplan apply to make it take effect.

For example, to set IP address with netmask (i.e. prefix /24), default gateway, DNS server and with default DNS search domains mydomain.example and otherdomain.example, you would write this into e.g. /etc/netplan/99_config.yaml:

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
          search: [mydomain.example, otherdomain.example]
          addresses: [,]

Note that in YAML, correct indentation is an important part of the syntax.

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