After plugging the USB to the port of my machine, if I do lsusb I see the device I am looking for:

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04f2:b573 Some Manufacturer

If I list the devices under /dev/, I can see lots of device paths, such as /dev/tty0, /dev/ttyUSB0... etc. For what I understand, one of these paths will be my USB device, or be where my USB device is connected to.

How do I know which one is the one with the ID 04f2:b573?

This question is similar to mine, however (referring to the accepted answer) I don't know what exactly is $ID_SERIAL, or how to I set it to be equal to the Id I'm looking for, or even what is the correct path (since his example shows multiple device paths, such as /dev/ttyACM0, /dev/sdb, /dev/input/event5 ...)

Also, the second answer assumes that I know the device is connected to /dev/ttyUSB0, which I don't know beforehand (testing it on this specific path gives me no device, by the way).

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How do I know which one is the one with the ID 04f2:b573?

There may be better ways to do it, but a quick and dirty way to do it is with:

    v=${1%:*}; p=${1#*:}  # split vid:pid into 2 vars
    v=${v#${v%%[!0]*}}; p=${p#${p%%[!0]*}}  # strip leading zeros
    grep -il "^PRODUCT=$v/$p" /sys/bus/usb/devices/*:*/uevent |
    sed s,uevent,, |
    xargs -r grep -r '^DEVNAME=' --include uevent
find_by_id 04f2:b573

My old Huawei phone appears as two serial ttys:

$ find_by_id 12d1:

You can change the last grep to

xargs -r egrep -rB2 '^DEVNAME=|^IFINDEX=' --include uevent

in order to also find the usb network interfaces:

$ find_by_id 0e8d:

$ find_by_id 03f0:
  • I thought there would be an easier way but this worked, thanks!
    – Bersan
    Feb 12, 2020 at 16:05

The answer by @mosvy does not work on Debian systems because /sys/bus/usb/devices contains symlinks. It also will not work by following symlinks with grep -R because that filesystem contains symlink loops.

A simpler way to get what you need is:

lsusb | grep NameOfYourDevice | sed -nr 's|Bus (.*) Device ([^:]*):.*|/dev/bus/usb/\1/\2|p'

It converts the output of lsusb (from the usbutils package) to the /dev/bus/usb/... path

If you need a block/character device name, try something like this:

device() {
    v=${1%:*}; p=${1#*:}
    for dir in `find /sys/ -name idVendor | rev | cut -d/ -f 2- | rev`; do
        if grep -q $v $dir/idVendor; then
            if grep -q $p $dir/idProduct; then
                find $dir -name 'device' | rev | cut -d / -f 2 | rev

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