So I have a log running in real time and saving to a text file named 'test.txt' also in real time. Now I want to set up a process that constantly polls that text file for changes and cuts out a specific reoccuring bit of data. For example the log looks like:

Feb  9 11:43:24 dnsmasq[887]: query[A] captive.g.aaplimg.com from
Feb  9 11:43:24 dnsmasq[887]: forwarded captive.g.aaplimg.com to
Feb  9 11:43:24 dnsmasq[887]: reply captive.g.aaplimg.com is
Feb  9 11:43:24 dnsmasq[887]: reply captive.g.aaplimg.com is
Feb  9 11:43:54 dnsmasq[887]: query[A] captive.g.aaplimg.com from

And i want to cut info from only the lines with query[A] so that the output text looks like:

11:43 captive.g.aaplimg.com

But the problem is that there are different URL's attached to this line of the log, so for example it could look like:

Feb  9 11:49:56 dnsmasq[887]: query[A] www.googleapis.com from

Then I would want the output to be:

11:49 www.googleapis.com

But it needs to happen in real-time, as the text file/log is updating.

Running on debian buster on pi.

  • can you interpose a filter on the log output before it is written to the file? – Murray Jensen Feb 10 '20 at 5:34
tail -F test.txt | 
   perl -nE 'say "$+{time} $+{url}" if /(?<time>\d{2}:\d{2}):\d{2} dnsmasq\S+: query\S+ (?<url>\S+) from /'

The tail -F will keep finding ("following") lines that are appended to test.txt.

The perl filters and extracts the matching lines (and captures the parts of the regex using (?<named_capture>...) segments).

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