I'm trying to get KDE Connect (version 1.4.0) to work at full capacity with my Android phone and Feren OS (UbuntuLTS+LinuxMint+KDE).

Pairing, exchange of notifications, and even such a cute feature as pausing PC music player during outgoing/incoming phone calls work perfectly.

However, when it comes to the menu items, only "Ring my phone" works. "Share file" and "SMS Messages" don't do anything at all.

As for "Browse this device" (or clicking my phone shown under "Devices" in Dolphin sidebar), first there was a problem with the deviceID folder automatically created under /run/user/1000 which showed no owner, etc. resulting in an error message like inaccessible or unavailable or permissions problem. When I managed to create a folder with no ownership/permissions problems, I then received another error message: Error when accessing filesystem.sshfs Finished with exit code 1


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