I suspect this can't be done, but I would like to disable a specific key (namely '6' on the top row) on a specific keyboard (namely my laptop internal keyboard). The key is spamming 6s but is otherwise working (and I've ordered a replacement but it will take a long time due to location). I am mostly using a USB keyboard but it is a pain to disable an entire keyboard (using xinput --float) just for one key.

So: is it possible to disable a specific key on a specific keyboard? I am using Kubuntu 19.10 although I suspect that is not important for this.


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I would try this:

Use xev to find the keycode of the 6 key on your keyboard, "on mine it is 15". Then use xmodmap -e "keycode 15 = " where 15 is the number you found with xev. This will map that key to nothing. If that ends up not being persistent after reboot add that command to your startup apps.

If wanting for just one keyboard:

Install xkbcomp > 1.2.0

Use xinput list find the specific keyboard id

Find the keycode for the key xev

FURTHER instructions at the link... https://superuser.com/a/869064/964775


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