When I type command in fish shell, after command it returns: Could not send own process 401, 'sed' in job 3, 'commandline | sed 's|\s\+|\x1e|g'' from group 400 to group 400 setpgid: unknown error (errno was 1) but command runs. After some commands fish shell stops responding. I ran it on Alpine linux. How can I fix it? Help please.

  • which command or group of command (e.g. commandline ) are you using ? – Archemar Feb 8 at 7:08
  • Any commands, after all commands appears this error. But numbers are different – thedimas3007 Feb 8 at 7:44
  • have you tried changing sed 's|\s\+|\x1e|g' to sed 's,\s\+,\x1e,g' ? – Archemar Feb 8 at 8:02
  • Where must I change it? – thedimas3007 Feb 8 at 8:03

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