I have a directory which contains man page files and some other files:

$ ls doc
cheatsheet.svg  colorschemes.md  config   howto-publish-a-release.md  ranger.1
ranger.desktop  ranger.pod   rifle.1  rifle.pod           tools

The two files of interest are rifle.1 and ranger.1. I want to be able to do man ranger and view the manual entry for it. To this end, I add the location of doc to my $MANPATH

$ echo $MANPATH

Where the last 3 entries used to exist in $MANPATH before I touched it. I also tried to set $MANPATH to /path/to/doc and remove everything else. In either case, when I issue the man command, I get an error

$ man ranger
No manual entry for ranger

What am I doing wrong?


The manual pages must be organised into sections underneath a component of MANPATH. Pages in section 1 must be in the man1 subdirectory

mkdir -p /tmp/man/man1        # /tmp/man is the MANPATH component
cp ranger.1 /tmp/man/man1/    # Put ranger.1 into the man1 subdirectory

MANPATH=/tmp/manman ranger    # Override the MANPATH for the example

You could try ln -s . man1, which creates a man1 "subdirectory" that is actually the same as your current directory (doc), and then your example should work:

MANPATH=/path/to/doc man ranger

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