In Dockerfile, I upload one configuration file from curl, which I then need to edit a little, here is an example structure:

  - type: http
    port: 8989
    # for security reasons bind to localhost
    bindHost: localhost
      appenders: []
  - type: http
    port: 8990
    bindHost: localhost

I need to edit both bindHost parameters, it would be desirable if I could pass their values as a parameter during docker build, but I didn’t seem to find anything on the Internet or in the documentation.


If I understood the question right, in your Dockerfile command, pipe your curl to a sed:

curl XXX | sed -e "s/bindHost: localhost/bindHost: ${your_variable}/g" > yourfile.yaml

Or you can edit your file after it was been downloaded:

sed -ie "s/bindHost: localhost/bindHost: ${your_variable}/g" /path/to/your/file

You can pass values to your Dockerfile with '--build-arg', and use that value in a RUN sed call, for instance to inject an IP address parameter:

FROM whatever

COPY config.file /etc/config.file
RUN sed -i -r "s/#IPADDR#/$IPADDR/g" /etc/config.file

And you build with:

docker build -t foobar --build-arg IPADDR= .

You can also convert the build arguments into runtime environment variables:


which would be nicer if your config syntax can perform a substitution of variables from the environment (no need to run sed).

But this makes the image a bit too cast in concrete, you can instead set the environment variables when you start the container (docker run with --env, --env-list) and use these values to edit the config file on-the-fly in a script that is the container entry point, unless of course your config syntax (or start parameters) can do the envvar substitution.

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