I changed my login screen. After rebooting and choosing kubuntu as a dualboot option, kubuntu boots into a black screen in which I can see my mouse pointer.
I can't log in. Is there a way to repair this or to undo the changes I made?

EDIT: I managed to open the terminal so my question is, whether it is possible to change the login screen using the terminal.

  • There are several possible questions here: What display manager do you use? Which greeter do you use? Did you change a default file? Could you provide a list of what exactly you installed (packages, ideally with dependencies)? – Nepumuk Feb 6 at 18:08
  • It is completely new installation, i was just changing the themes (everything worked tho before changing the log in screen, including rebooting). I am also new to linux, so I don't know how to find these without actually getting into the linux. The only question I can answer is that I did not change a default file. Sorry for not being able to provide more info. – ZeeVee Feb 6 at 18:31
  • You stated that you were "installing new Login Screen" and "changed [your] login screen". What exactly did you click (or enter into your console) and which packages did you install, which did ones you remove? Themes are separate from your greeter, which normally is responsible for the login screen. To give a list of the installed packages relevant, you could open a terminal, type in apt list *greeter* --installed for the greeter and apt list --installed *dm for the display manager. – Nepumuk Feb 6 at 18:45
  • Ok, sorry fo being unclear. I simply went to setting -> Start Up and Shutdown -> Login Screen and installed&set a new one. My problem is that after booting into kubuntu, I get blackscreen and I am unable to do anything (including using terminal), I believe that I should log in but nothing is displayed. Is there a way to get around this? – ZeeVee Feb 6 at 19:02
  • You could try attaining the terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1 after you screen blackout. That's normally a still possible way to change parts of the system when the more intutive/graphical ways are impossible. F1 should do it. If it doesn't, try the other F-keys (e. g. F2, … F12), in combination with Ctrl + Alt. – Nepumuk Feb 6 at 19:09

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