I have very bizarre problem. I have CentOS server 6.10 and ZFS storage. Now storage is configured long time ago by someone, and I found out that for certain user there is a quota set.

when I check on the filesystem I get output this

zfs# zfs get quota volume/local/default/users
NAME                         PROPERTY  VALUE  SOURCE
volume/local/default/users  quota     none   default

so from this I can see that on parent folder there is no quota set, but when I check particular user by using this command:

 zfs# quota -v user
    Disk quotas for user (uid 1000):
    Filesystem     usage  quota  limit    timeleft  files  quota  limit    timeleft
    /export/mail  930552 10485760 10485760           -      -      -      -           -
             2147483646 31457280 31457280 NOT STARTED      -      -      -           -

so I can see that user


has set quota.

Now, this ZFS has been mounted on CentOS 6.10 with this values in /etc/fstab:

zfs.mydomain.com:/export/users  /users   nfs  defaults,_netdev    0 0

and I can access /users folder. The problem starts when I want to use chown command:

chown -R test:grp /home/user/mnt/child_fldr

Please note that the "test" user is NIS user which I also tested with ypcat passwd, if I can get list of all users from NIS. (and I do), so this is not a problem. The output of the error is:

chown: changing ownership of `/home/user/mnt/child_fldr/temp': Disk quota exceeded

Now to be even more confused, when I try to change an ownership by using local user account, I have no problem of changing it, but using NIS user, I get some dumb Disk quota exceeded message.

For the test, I have tried to remove "quotas" file in the parent directory of child_fldr, and remount drive, with no success. Also on ZSF I tried to completely remove quota for testing by using quotaoff -a command, again still no progress.

How can I solve my problem to be able again to change ownership of the directory?

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failed to realize a fairly simple thing, even though I run through Oracle manual:

Its a user quota not filesystem... :-)

Oracle Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

So command which I needed was this:

zfs set userquota@1000=none volume/local/default/users

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