Sometimes I edit subtitle files (.srt) and at times I get a place where the music symbol should be used. I am nonplussed as to how to get the music symbol to come up in the editor. I use editors such as subitlteditor and featherpad and can use either to do the editing but failing to figure out how to get the music symbol notation. I am on Debian testing/bullseye if that makes any difference.


I find the simplest approach (when I don’t have a keyboard shortcut for the symbol I’m after) is to use GNOME’s Character Map:

Screenshot of the Character Map, showing U+2269 selected

Find the symbol you want, either by looking for it in the appropriate block, or by searching for it by name; in this case I did the latter, searching for “note”. Then you can copy it to the clipboard, either directly by selecting it and pressing CtrlC, or through the “Text to copy” field by double-clicking on the symbol and clicking on the “Copy” button. Finally, paste it into your editor; subtitleeditor at least supports UTF-8 fine so there’s no issue there.

(Whether the tool used to view subtitles supports the symbols you add is another matter; SRT used CP-1252 at first, but UTF-8 support is now widespread, and officially documented.)

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