When I installed Linux, the block-device-path of my root LUKS device was /dev/md125 and the unencrypted partition was /dev/mapper/md125_crypt. I have since renamed the MD device to /dev/md0, and now I'd like to rename the LUKS partition to /dev/mapper/md0_crypt. Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Replaced all references (in the various *tabs) of md125_crypt
  2. Updated my initramfs
  3. Updated grub2

However, when I reboot, my system doesn't make it to the point of asking for my decryption password; it says something about being "unable to find the root partition".

I've also tried adding a symlink (/dev/mapper/md125_crypt -> ./md0_crypt) but it doesn't seem to persist after a reboot.

How can I rename my unencrypted LUKS partition such that I can successfully boot after doing so?


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