I installed Ubuntu desktop to my AWS server, and it boots successfully. I know this because AWS lets me take an instance screenshot, and it shows the log-in screen of the desktop. The only problem is, is when I log on via PuTty- with X11 enabled, I still get the terminal. I know for a fact the desktop is there- is it that X11 doesn't support transferring those graphics to my Xserver? If so, what can I do?

I am using Windows VcXsrv

  • Do you want the local desktop session from the machine, or a newly spawned session, independent of the local session? Do you want to set this up for multiple users? X11/RDP/VNC? Are you running Wayland or X11 on the server? There are several ways to skin this cat. This Q needs more focus and details. Read into these a bit for more terminology: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/80683/… and askubuntu.com/questions/886313/… – Alex Stragies Feb 18 at 22:15

The best way to do what you are describing is to install x2goserver on the AWS end and use x2goclient on your to connect in from your Windows box

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  • Thanks! Turns out X11 tunneling doesn't support this. – Exosylver Feb 6 at 3:28

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