I'm running on systemd 242 (Ubuntu Eoan) and am trying to do something equivalent to the following iproute2 command with systemd-networkd:

ip -6 rule add from all table 1 pref 1000

This is what I have in /etc/systemd/network/10-eno1.network but it's not working:


I also tried Family=both, but only the v4 rule was generated.

I've read the whole of https://systemd.network/systemd.network.html#%5BRoutingPolicyRule%5D%20Section%20Options but still don't know what's wrong.

I want to do this with systemd-networkd and I'm not interested in a solution writing a service with ExecStart=/sbin/ip blah blah or similar.


My actual config file was missing the line From=::/0 and was relying on Family=ipv6 (or both). As suggested by this GitHub issue, Family= is not a key in systemd 242 (new in 243), so From=::/0 is still necessary.


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