I have a non-root account on an older SUSE Linux machine (from around 2012).

Is it possible for me to install a recent version of Eclipse (e.g. from 2019), for myself, on this machine? If it is, what would I need to do, other than download and decompress Eclipse itself? I'm assuming I will be missing some dependencies, perhaps a more recent version of the Java Runtime Environment or some libraries.

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    Why downloading and untarring Eclipse is a problem? – schaiba Jan 30 '20 at 8:23
  • @schaiba: ... but note that Eclipse won't work if you just download, untar and run it. – einpoklum Jan 30 '20 at 13:19

At the very least, you need the following:

  • Your Eclipse download package or the Eclipse installer.
  • A relatively recent JDK (hopefully the most recent would do), from here
  • The GTK3 libraries.

You probably don't have the latter, and you're not root, and let's not assume a relevant binary package is available, so - you'll have to build GTK3. To do so, you'll need:

  • The GTK3 library sources - from here.
  • A bunch of associated library/package sources, from the same location:
    • glib
    • atk
    • pango
    • gdk-pixbuf
    • GObject-introspection
  • Additional packages libraries, with appropriate minimum version versions:
    • fribidi
    • cairo
    • cairo-gobject

Let's hope those don't have further unsatisfied dependencies on your system.

Also, you're likely to find sources compressed with the xz tool. You might not have it, and your tar may not support it. Look for an online converter, or get:

  • The xz utility, from here

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