I have loads of files that need to contain the name


But instead, they contain the following:


but also sometimes

fooJacquelinbar or

123Jacquelin123 or


How do I replace every instance of Jacquelin with Jacqueline, without ending up with things like Jacquelinee?

What I've tried is:

find . -name '*' -type f -exec sed -i 's/\bJacquelin\b/Jacqueline/g' {} +

But this will not replace instances where anything is attached to "Jacquelin" (doesn't match the whole word).


Try also

sed  's/\(Jacquelin\)e\?/\1e/g' file


sed -r 's/(Jacquelin)e?/\1e/g' file

I would recommend using Perl to utilise negative look-aheads

perl -pe 's/Jacquelin(?!e)/Jacqueline/g'

which will replace when Jacquelin is not immediately followed by the character e (this includes if there isn't a character after)

To batch edit files in-place, you can add the -i flag:

find . -name '*' -type f -exec perl -pi -e 's/Jacquelin(?!e)/Jacqueline/g' {} +

Remember to backup before hand as the operation isn't reversible

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