I installed ViM by compiling the source code from GitHub and then I used checkinstall to install it on my system.

Now I'd like to install another program with the apt package manager (which is vifm), but when I try to install it it tells me that it will install vim-common and vim-addon-manager. As far as I understand by reading the packages web pages (vim-common and vim-addon-manager) I suspect I've already everything installed on my system to install vifm (even though I cannot be 100% sure). How can I install vifm without installing those two packages? Even better, if it turns out I'm right in suspecting that I already have everything those two packages provide installed on my system, how can I make apt aware of it?

Thanks in advance.


The apt command uses dpkg as its package database.

If the application was not installed by either of these utilities as a .deb package, there is no way they would know about it.

You would want to create a proper .deb package for the new version, you should be able to reference the sources of the current packages to get an idea of how to do it.

Since the vifm package depends on the official vim-common, it may also depend on the specific version that is provided by the distribution. In which case, you would need to also build vifm from source.

  • So, when I run checkinstall to build the .deb package, I should reference all the packages in the page you linked me in the section "provides", is it correct? – LuxGiammi Feb 2 '20 at 9:45
  • I am not familiar with checkinstall, but that does sound like it would convince your package database that the functionality is installed. I normally just take the source .deb and modify what needs to be changed (in your case, you want to update the version so you would include an updated source archive). – GracefulRestart Feb 3 '20 at 20:37

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