So I've just installed flameshot, and when I launch it, it appears in applets section of UI. However, I must click it to run the screen capture. Can I somehow make PrtScr a shortcut for flameshot screen capture? I'm using i3.

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You can execute it using i3-dmenu-desktop.

Just bind it to a key in your i3 config

bindsym $mod+[any key] exec i3-dmenu-desktop 

Then you can launch any desktop apps from there.

Or if you want to bind flameshot to Prt Sc key

bindsym Print exec /path/to/flameshot

Or if you want to launch flameshot gui instead of spawning it in tray:

bindsym Print exec "flameshot gui"

i3's bindsym directive can be used to bind a key or set of keys/strokes to commands. i3's exec command will execute programs and start processes.

Add to your i3 config ($HOME/.config/i3/config) and reload the configuration or restart i3:

echo 'bindsym Print exec flameshot' >> $HOME/.config/i3/config
i3-msg reload

On my system, with Alt as my modifier key ($mod), combining Alt + Print actually issues Sys_Req. You'll need to modify your binding accordingly if you want this to work:

echo 'bindsym $mod+Sys_Req ...'

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