OS: Linux Mint 18.3.

I have an NTFS-formatted external HD which just gets automounted when I boot up. I'm just trying to find out what actually does that, and whether it's possible to set the ownership to root instead of the logged-in user.

(NB my understanding is that the ownership for an entire NTFS partition, all folders and all files, is set when you mount it and can't be changed using chown).

There is no mention of this partition in /etc/fstab. After doing a bit of searching I tried sudo ntfs-config and sudo autofs. Neither of these packages is as yet installed.

The reason for wishing to change to root is to help prevent inadvertent deletion of the files on this HD. The Trash/Rubbish Bin functionality is in fact working sometimes (sometimes pressing Delete actually causes a folder to disappear irretievably!). I just would prefer to mount it with root:root ownership if possible.

I also just want to know what mechanism in Linux is responsible for mounting.

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Anyone interested, I posted the same question on the Linux Mint forum and received some answers: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=310519&p=1751219#p1751219

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